16 Amazing (And Cute!) DIY Bathroom Organization and Storage

No matter what it always seems like I run out of room in the bathroom.

And who doesn’t struggle with rubber bands (strands of hair attached), hair dryers, towels on the floor, and cluttered cabinets?

I did do a post that included a lot of great under-the-sink storage ideas! So, if you’re specifically looking for that, then read that post (it really helped me!). But if you’re looking for something a bit more expansive, then this is the place for you.

Rope Decorations

This is especially beautiful if you like the rustic or nautical look. Some beautiful knots here and there, a place to hang towels, rope embroidered mirrors or pictures…

The ideas are limitless really.

Yard Sale Items

You know the saying of ‘one man’s junk is another man’s treasure’? Well that is definitely me when it comes to yard sales. You can really score some cool stuff to decorate your house with from yard sales.

Mason jars, wooden pallets, boxes, old coffee cans, collectors coins…all of it can be used for something cute if you feel like getting creative with it. I especially loved old boxes to decorate and use for storage.

Repurposed Plant Holders

Hanging some plant holders from a wall is a great way to store products and hair styling appliances. They can look really cute or you can paint and style them to match your décor.

Book Shelves

Shelves are shelves, you can use them for anything really. It’s a great idea to utilize that space above your door for storage. Set up a book shelf above your door and store items in bamboo baskets or mason jars to keep it looking organized and cute.

Magnetic Strips

It’s an easy way to find clippers, bobby pins, tweezers, etc. And you can stick it anywhere. I like running it along the inside of one of my cabinets. I never have to go digging to pluck my eyebrows again.

Magnetic Make-up Board

This is a great counter or cupboard space-saver. Just use an old cookie sheet, decorate it with some contact paper and a frame, and then attack magnets to cups or the bottom of your makeup. It’s easy to attach and can look super cute in a small bathroom. This also makes the makeup a whole lot easier to find!

Color Shower Head

This is definitely more of a sense of style for your bathroom, but it can be a fun way to spice things up. Kids love the different colors. And I’m not shy—I’ll admit I like the fun change just as much (I just squeal a lot less than the kids).

Office Supplies for Storage

I highlighted this hack in my under sink storage post as well, but these pictures also show some new creative ways to use it in the bathroom. Obviously, it’s great for hair appliances. But you can also store towels or tp in it too.

Two Shower Curtains

Again, this is more of a style one, but this looks super cute with heavy, curtain-like drapes. Find a pattern that fits your bathroom. It can also make a bathroom look more spacious. Beautiful rugs also do a lot for a room.

Baskets Instead Of Shelves

Instead of putting up shelves, hang baskets from towel racks. It’s a cute alternative, and I like how the baskets lean out a bit for display. It looks especially cute with towels and poofs.

Personal Shelves

This looks really cute in the kids bathroom (and it stops wars because everyone has their own space). Using a small box for each person and painting it a cute color with their name on it can be a great organization strategy. It’s also great for your kids to be able to reach their toothbrush and stuff without having to get on counters. I’m a fan.

Bathroom Magazine Rack

Instead of stacking reading material on the back of the toilet (where you could store other things or put cute decorations) install a cute diy magazine rack.

Here’s a tutorial from fourgenerationsoneroof.com: http://www.fourgenerationsoneroof.com/2013/04/bathroom-diy-magazine-rack-tutorial

Wood Pallets

I know wood pallets projects are everywhere, but really they are very cute. Get some sturdy, uniform pallets and create shelves for your bathroom. Leave them rustic-wood or paint them to match your bathroom. This works great in any room really.

Hanging Baskets

If you’re tired of just plain old shelves, hanging baskets are a very cute alternative for organization. Use different sizes and scale them up the wall with some heavy cord or rope.

Utilize Empty Space

Whether it’s between mirrors, under the sink, behind the door, or whichever wall, there are cute ways to handle space in every bathroom.

Upgrade Your Bathroom

I know this is a little bit broad. However, if you do little things like paint your cupbaords or walls, that can really open up a small bathroom or cozy up a large one. Or if you don’t have an under-sink cabinet it would be a good idea to get one installed because it’s such a great space saver. Making over an entire bathroom may sound expensive, but it’s actually super affordable especially if you budget for it (check out my post on budgeting!).